Lose weight or lose fat?

“I’m going to the gym regularly, but I’m gaining weight. Am I doing something wrong?” That’s a question I hear regularly and you could be asking the same question right now. It surprises me how little some people know about the human body. If you are determined to lose weight or fat, at least do a bit of research so you know what’s ahead of you in the weeks or months to come. Read this : best sausage stuffer.

Before I start with an explanation, you should know there is a huge difference between losing weight and losing fat. Losing fat doesn’t necessarily mean you lose weight. Most of the time, it’s the other way around. People losing fat usually gain weight till a certain point. And that is nothing but absolutely normal.

Losing weight means you’re losing body weight. Doh you’re saying, but there are some people that don’t quite get it yet. If you want to lose body weight, there are a few things you could do and hitting the gym is one of them. But hitting the gym alone is not enough. While you’re at the gym, you should be doing certain exercises to lose body weight. You could walk or run on the treadmill, you could do some bicycle exercises, you could jump rope and what not. You can do anything but weight lifting exercises!

While cardiovascular exercises are perfect to lose body weight, they’re also good to grow some muscles. And this is the part where it gets a bit complicated. Muscles are heavier than fat some say. This is true but not well formulated. It should say muscle tissues weigh more than fat tissues. If you understand that then you’ll also understand why you gain weight while doing weight lifting exercises.

If you are a bit chubby and you are doing weight lifting exercises, you will be replacing the fat with muscles resulting in you losing fat and gaining weight at the same time. There is of course a limit to all this and you won’t be constantly gaining weight. At a certain point you will have grown enough muscles, but because you have all the fat on top of it, it won’t be visible. And by burning the fat (at this stage you could burn fat with weight lifting exercises as well) you will finally start to lose weight.

To summarize the post. Assuming you are a bit chubby to start off with, you have 2 options to lose weight. The first option is directly, by doing cardiovascular exercises. The second option indirectly by weight lifting exercises. In the first place you will gain weight and once you hit a certain point, it will be direct weight loss, once again until a certain point.

I hope this clarifies why you can gain weight even if you hit the gym and work out.